Red Bull New Game

directed by Rick Castañeda produced by Laura Reich


Two teams fight to win a billboard in Los Angeles in this out-of-control game show that mixes trivia, augmented reality, virtual sets, live editing, video games, and occasional swarms.

Hosted and co-directed by streamer/tech wizard TheSushiDragon, Red Bull New Game is unlike any game show you've ever seen, brimming with manic humor and surprises at every turn!

Notable guests include Fuslie, Disguised Toast, Jacksfilms, Blau, Masayoshi, and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. All episodes now available on Red Bull LFG.

DIRECTED BY Rick Castañeda & TheSushiDragon
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Rick Castañeda, Laura Reich, Matt Raub, and TheSushiDragon

Client Red Bull
Genre Game Show
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